Use smart documents to unblock critical legal work

Get in touch and see how you can drastically reduce time-to-signature and collaborate effectively with your team.

In this demo, an Aline specialist will show you how to:

Build and deploy smart workflows in minutes without any coding.

Workflows enable self-service legal templates created by your legal team so that legal doesn’t have to be a blocker on critical business contracts.

Surface contract data and insights using Aline Repository.

Use Aline Repository to store all contracts for your organization and report on data in those contracts to gain insights on your documents instead of using a static repository.

Collaborate with your team to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Aline provides a shared, collaborative space for your entire team to discuss contracts being negotiated and understand exactly what needs to be completed to get the deal done. Ensure sales, legal, and other business stakeholders are never in the dark and always in sync.