Automate and manage your legal contracts

  • Use Aline templates and workflows to automate and streamline your contracts for your entire team.
  • Electronically sign contracts in-platform using AlineSign.
  • Automatically track critical data from your contracts in Aline to surface business insights.
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“Aline workflows power all the agreements for our 1000+ affiliate and reseller network. The time we’ve saved and improvements to our process for the entire team have been tremendous.”
Mario Alvisi, Chief Commercial Officer Lift Foils.

Using multiple siloed tools like Word, email, and DocuSign for your contracts?

Switch to a digital contracting platform like Aline to collaborate with your team and streamline your entire contract process.
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Automate the entire contract lifecycle using Aline’s platform

Let your team generate contracts fast

Use Aline’s powerful template editor to create dynamic templates that anyone on your team can use with ease.
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Automate repetitive tasks using Aline workflows.

Build workflows that automate approvals, data collection, signatures, and more so your team knows exactly what to do and has clarity around your legal contracts. No coding required.
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Unlimited digital signatures for your contracts

Add signers, carbon copies and set your signing order to let your team and customers digitally sign your contracts.
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Store your contracts in Aline’s smart repository and let your team locate documents in seconds

Aline automatically extracts critical data from your contracts so your team can search and find contracts using data-based search criteria. Stop using cloud storage like Google Drive that’s not optimized for contracts.
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Experience a smarter legal document powered by AI

  • Draft and revise contracts with ease saving countless hours and legal fees
  • Collaborate seamlessly with your team using the only smart legal document powered by GPT4
  • Automatically track key contract points with Aline AI to surface business insights
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Automatically extract crucial data from your contracts

Your contracts are full of useful data. Aline’s digital agreements automatically capture critical data so your finance, sales, legal, and ops teams can have that data at their fingertips.

Use Cases

Close deals faster

Aline workflows empower your sales reps to easily create contracts so you spend less time on repetitive admin work and more time creating scalable legal processes. Legal, sales, and deal-desk can collaborate on redlines, approvals, and blockers on sales agreements to negotiate and electronically sign contracts in a timely manner.
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Hire and onboard
employees with ease

You work hard to deliver a world-class candidate experience. With workflows, you can extend that experience to a crucial part of the hiring process, contracts.  Launch template workflows for new hires in minutes, and delight candidates with an easy and collaborative legal contract process.
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Scale legal processes

Workflows let your legal team create self-service processes for other departments to use, unburdening legal from administrative tasks like legal requests and document generation.  At the same time, your legal team can establish the proper guardrails and approvals within a workflow to ensure everyone follows the correct process, everytime.
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Check out the Aline Community, a library of  open-source templates

Join a burgeoning community publishing open-source legal templates and workflows for everyone to use.
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More reasons to love Aline

The most collaborative CLM
Aline is built for teams. With realtime collaborative editing, transparent workflows, and insights baked into the platform, Aline is built for collaboration and breaking down inefficient silos in your business.
Electronic signature built natively in-platform
Sign contracts directly within the platform using AlineSign, our compliant electronic signature solution.
Powerful template editor
Building templates for every contract in your organization couldn't be simpler in Aline. No coding required.
Advanced reporting and capture of critical contract data
Aline captures critical data about your contracts automatically, making it easier to track contract renewals, parties, critical dates, and revenue metrics without hassle.

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