Digital contracting for the modern enterprise

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Collaborative, digital contracting
Create reusable, digitally-native contracts and collaborate seamlessly with stakeholders inside your organization, as well as your customers.
Software-driven workflows
Set digital guardrails to validate that your organization’s contracts follow a defined framework. No more messing around with spreadsheets and silo’d data stores! Track everything right within Aline.
An agreement platform for the modern enterprise
Don't let your contracts get lost in the Microsoft Word shuffle. Experience a new way to manage your documents.

An editor purpose-built for digital contracts

Easily compose your organization's customized contract templates. Aline's editor does the heavy lifting so you can focus on what drives value for your business.


Triage your contracts

Contracts are collaborative documents. Allow stakeholders in your organization to seamlessly delegate tasks, gain approvals and engage with customers using digitally-native documents from a unified interface.

product Features

The Complete Toolkit for Digital Contracting

Digital contract editor

Create and edit your contracts. Collaborate seamlessly with stakeholders and customers. Flag critical contract issues for follow up, delegate tasks, and ensure your contracts fit your framework prior to signature.

Contract templates

Easily create reusable legal contract templates for any area of your business in minutes. Create the legal "building blocks" for your organization to scale.

Native collaboration

Edit your contracts simultaneously with stakeholders in your organization or your customers. Now you can ensure everyone involved in a contract is always on the same page. Feature coming soon.

Contract insights

Aline's editor is built on a data model that computers can read. Now it's easy to create documents that, from the start, include rich data and insights.

Automatic triggers

Determine when a contract or clause needs approval or further review and automatically trigger events to make sure your business's processes are followed.

An integrated system

Easily connect Aline with your favorite CRM, messaging platform (e.g., Slack), or import files from any cloud-storage provider. Utilize third-party integrations to enhance your workflows.


Contract data model

Since Aline's purpose-built contract editor allows you to compose your contract data model at the same time as building your legal contract templates, it's now trivial to capture data related to your contracts, build meaningful reports, and use that data in other systems and processes.


Collaborate with ease

Contracts require input from key stakeholders. Aline is built from the ground up to make collaboration within your organization and across company lines seamless. Automatically generate approvals, tag stakeholders and customers in comments, and keep track of your contract lifecycle with no effort at all.

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Transform your contracts into digitally-native documents.
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