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Lift puts their partnership agreements on autopilot

Partnership Agreements
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"Aline saves Lift and reps days of work each month and keeps everyone in sync." Nick Leason, CEO

Learn how Aline helped Lift automate it's Partnership Agreements and keep the entire sales team in sync.


Scaling Lift's distribution network

Lift is the inventor and pioneer of the "e-foil", an electronic hydrofoil surfboard allowing users to fly above the water. If you have ever have seen Mark Zuckerberg or Will Smith suspended above the water as if by magic, that's Lift!

Lift sells their revolutionary e-foils direct on their website and through a network of enthusiastic affiliates. These affiliates can be individuals, established water-sports shops, or distributors with national or global reach. At current count, there are 590+ affiliates in Lift's network from 91+ different countries! Each affiliate is an essential member of the Lift family and handles everything from lessons teaching first-time users how to fly, sales, distribution, brand exposure and more for Lift as a company. Below is a snapshot of Lift's interactive demo locator, showing the impressive reach of affiliates worldwide:

Find an affiliate on Lift's demo locator

Due to Lift's exponential growth, the company was under pressure to increase the breadth of it's affiliate network. And, with each affiliate, comes a huge administrative burden of negotiating and signing a contract for each partner. As a company dedicated to good customer experience, Lift decided those values needed to extend to their affiliates.

With that challenge in mind, Lift began working with Aline to scale a critical area of the affiliate network, contracts.


Lift faced a huge obstacle scaling its affiliate network worldwide, contracts.

An automated contract process for sales reps and management

Using Aline, Lift created a seamless workflow process for negotiating and signing their different partners - affiliates, resellers, and more. Each Aline workflow starts with sales reps launching an agreement process that seamlessly collects all partner details. If any edits are required, Lift's contracts guru Carolyn can collaboratively edit in real time with sales reps or the new partner to make any necessary changes.

The workflow then proceeds to the new partner and Lift's President, Steward Wagner, for approval and signature using AlineSign, Aline's embedded electronic signature. Last, all executed contracts are automatically stored in Aline's dynamic repository and routed to Carolyn to handle post-signature operational tasks like adding the new partner to Lift's global demo locator and more.

As Stew Lift's President puts it, "Aline is crucial for empowering sales reps to launch new agreements on their own and get partners signed up fast, and it helps us stay organized with all signed agreements automatically categorized and stored in a central location."

After utilizing Aline workflows, Lift was able to scale signups of new affiliates and grow its affiliate network multiple times over using a simple but powerful process. Best of all, Lift stakeholders have transparency on each new affiliate agreement and know exactly the status of their fast-expanding partner network.


Workflows paired with AlineSign enabled Lift to scale its contract processes to 590+ affiliates worldwide.

Aline saves Lift's sales team 25-30 hours every month

Aline workflows automate the routing, signature, and storage of all Lift's affiliate agreements. From Carolyn inside Lift operations, "Aline saves sales reps on average 1-2 hours for each new affiliate, and the sales team is managing 10-20 affiliate relationships on a monthly basis."

Furthermore, Lift has removed human errors from their contracts. Reps don't have to worry about pricing mistakes, misspellings and inputting incorrect data points in the wrong contracts. Also, the sales team has complete transparency over the exact stage of their contracts at any given moment since Aline workflows include a detailed audit trail of all events for a given affiliate.

Using Aline's dynamic repository, it has also become seamless to locate and see the history of all affiliate agreements. Any sales rep can login to Aline and view the affiliate contracts under their territory, and management has a global, data-rich view of all agreements for the entire company.

Adding more affiliates to Lift's global network while staying organized and compliant allowed Lift to scale seamlessly from roughly 100 affiliates globally to 590+ affiliates using an automated, compliant legal framework.


Workflows, AlineSign, and dynamic repository save Lift sales 25-30 hours each month managing contracts for its 590+ global affiliate network.

Aline for sales teams

As the most collaborative, smart contract software, Aline is tailored for sales use cases. Whether you work with partnership agreements, SaaS agreements, or NDAs, Aline allows you to create, negotiate, sign, and organize your contracts in a single streamlined workflow.

Like Lift, you can automate your sales agreements, close deals faster, and ensure compliant, scalable legal processes.

After automating its sales agreements, Lift is turning to more contract areas to automate including HR and operational contracts.