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"Aline makes it easy for sales and management to use templates and keep everything organized in a smart repository." Greg Cooper, President of Sales.

Learn how Offerd automated its Platform and Independent Contractor Agreements using Aline.


Growing real-estate acquisitions

Offerd is a real-estate technology company applying AI and data to multi-family real estate acquisitions. Using proprietary data and AI, Offerd lets its customers find the most value-add multi-family properties in the nation with ease.

Offerd's platform featuring off-market multi-family properties

Each new customer subscribing to Offerd's platform must sign a Platform Agreement related to its subscription. Offerd's process involves letting sales reps generate Platform Agreements and send them to the customer, with Greg the President of Sales being looped in on the process. To sign and route those contracts, Offerd used DocuSign.

From Greg the President of Sales at Offerd, "DocuSign is great for electronically signing contracts, but we struggled with the fact that all reps can see every contract in DocuSign. We need a repository that ensures reps only have access to the right contracts. We were also spending a ton of time categorizing and filing contracts after signature."

Due to their increasing growth, Offerd was also spending a fair amount of time on Independent Contractor Agreements. Because sales reps could access DocuSign, that meant that reps could see other employees agreements within DocuSign, which became a big pain point for management.


Offerd was using DocuSign and struggled with keeping the sales team in sync and ensuring proper access to sensitive contracts.

An automated contract process for sales reps and a privacy-aware repository

Using Aline, Offerd created a seamless workflow for negotiating and signing Platform Agreements for new customers. Each Aline workflow starts with sales reps launching a Platform Agreement that includes dynamic sections for different subscription types, and the Agreement content changes seamlessly depending on how reps use the workflow. The workflow then routes the Platform Agreement to Offerd's new customer for any redlines or comments. After all redlines and comments are resolved, the Agreement is automatically routed for signature to Greg the President of Sales and Offerd's new customer via AlineSign.

Post-signature, the Platform Agreement is automatically stored in Aline's dynamic repository with the right agreement type and data. Additionally, reps only have access to the contracts they send out in Aline, and not all contracts stored in the repository.

From Nicole in Operations at Offerd, "Ensuring that Offerd employees only have access to the right agreements in the repository is key. We no longer need to worry about employees having access to sensitive contracts and can ensure management has access to the right contracts without worrying about potential privacy issues."


Workflows let Offerd automate its sales agreements and store them in a privacy-aware repository that ensures only the right people have access to sensitive contracts.

Aline saves Offerd time and money and improves compliance

By being able to replace DocuSign with AlineSign, Aline saved Offerd thousands in unnecessary subscription costs for a separate electronic signature solution. Aline also improved compliance within Offerd by allowing all contracts - including contracts with sensitive information - to be stored in a privacy-aware repository that guards access to sensitive data.

Last, Aline has streamlined contract workflows for Offerd sales and kept everyone in sync at the company.

The results of Aline have been positive for Offerd and the company is looking to expand its use case to more agreements. From Nicole in Operations, "We are looking at automating our employment agreements and NDAs next after initially starting with a sales use case."


Aline saved Offerd thousands in unnecessary software subscriptions and streamlined contract workflows.

Aline for sales and HR teams

As the most collaborative, smart contract software, Aline is tailored for sales use cases. Whether you work with platform agreements, SaaS agreements, or NDAs, Aline allows you to create, negotiate, sign, and organize your contracts in a single streamlined workflow.

Like Offerd, you can automate your sales and employment agreements, close deals faster, and ensure compliant, scalable legal processes.