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What is digital contracting?

Technology is changing everything, including how we sign contracts.


Brent Farese


November 1, 2021


Today, many people trust technology with their biggest decisions. We pay our taxes, make large purchases, and share some of our most important information over the internet. Thanks to advances in cybersecurity, these methods are safe and efficient, and have become widely adopted.

Signing a contract is no different, and many are choosing digital methods over traditional paper-and-pen contracts. Keep reading to learn more about digital contracting, and how Aline can help to streamline your business with our safe, efficient, and easy-to-use solution.


Digital contracting refers to the process of creating, editing, signing, and storing digital contracts, also known as electronic or e-contracts, which can only be signed and viewed via the internet. All signatures are verified in real time, and users can send and store contracts regardless of location, as long as they are connected to the internet.

Aline aims to make digital contracting easy with a variety of tools to help you craft, sign, and save your contract. You can start with a variety of templates available through our website, or create your own. Then, sign and share your contract with ease, and connect all parties regardless of location.


Why Choose Digital Contracting?

Before digital contracting, people relied on fax machines and scanners to send contracts. Both options require expensive machinery and a way to store physical documents, costing time, money, and space. Not only does digital contracting solve all those issues by signing and storing documents electronically, it also adds a massive host of new features.

Digital contracting gives you the power of collaboration at every step of the process. Your team can collaborate to draft a contract and easily perform version control during the negotiation. Plus, automatic data capture during and after negotiation saves you valuable time and allows you to focus on other tasks.

Digital contracting is quickly becoming the industry standard, and Aline is proud to offer a powerful suite of tools designed to make digital contracting easy, safe, and efficient.


Trust Aline for Your Digital Contracting Needs

Aline is committed to making digital contracts work for you, from creation all the way through execution. It all starts with our large collection of templates, which you can edit and save to fit your needs. Share drafts with colleagues and collaborators to ensure that every detail is correct, and assign roles for easy use.

Make manual data entry a thing of the past with Aline Reporting & Data. Our powerful tools allow you to capture data about your contract automatically, including signatures, edits, and shares. Plus, automatic reporting makes your data easy to read and understand.

Finally, Aline Workflows keeps your whole team on the same page. Our Smart Routing program sends your contract to the right people at the right time, eliminating confusion and streamlining your process. With contract lifecycle visibility, every member of your team will stay in the know, no matter where the contract needs to go. You can even schedule and complete post-signature tasks!

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