Aline Workflows

Automatically route, approve, and sign your contracts

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Aline's end-to-end workflows eliminate opaque processes and streamline deals.

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Transparent routing of contracts
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Tasks and approvals to provide guardrails
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Automate the signing process
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Notifications at critical contract checkpoints


Aline Workflows includes

Smart routing

Aline’s no-code template engine allows you assign fields to stakeholders and define a routing order for proper contract completion ensuring your contracts meet your organization's requirements every time.

Dynamic approvals

Add dynamic approvals that are triggered based on data in your contract. For example, if the sales price in your document is over a certain threshold, Aline Workflows can dynamically generate an approval for a manager. Feature coming soon.

Ensure compliance

Aline Workflows automatically preserves a strong audit trail while ensuring compliance with any company policies and procedures. Users can build tasks, approvals, and artificial checkpoints into Workflows, guaranteeing a document is processed according to pre-defined business rules.

Keep all stakeholders in sync using workflows.


Include signature lines, set signature ordering, and carbon copy recipients to ensure your contract is signed right every time. Aline Workflows easily lets you stay compliant with any legal requirements.

Tasks and approvals

Add tasks related to your contract at any stage of the contract’s lifecycle. Make sure all ancillary work related to the contract is complete.


Aline Workflows lets you set tasks and other actions to be completed post-signature. Now you can ensure that anything requiring completion after signature is done correctly within the right time frame.

Aline Workflows

Go from analog to digital using workflows.

Anyone who has dealt with contracts has experienced manual, analog ways of dealing with documents. Tracking down emails containing contract versions, and manually determining who is responsible for a specific contract at any stage in its lifecycle. At Aline, we built workflows to change the status quo and improve the way business teams agree.

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