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Brent Farese


August 23, 2021


Manual contracting processes are broken and a complete hassle.  

Even with processes meticulously documented in Excel or another manual tool, it’s impossible to keep track of where a contract is in its lifecycle. Contracts and their status end up buried in email and spreadsheets, and finding the current version of a contract requires sifting through email attachments for the right Word document. 

Manual processes are tedious and they have significant business consequences. Outdated processes can lead to lost revenue, poor customer satisfaction, and make it take significantly longer to close deals.

At Aline, we were not satisfied with the current state of affairs. So, we built Aline Workflows to change the way organizations think about electronic contracts and contract automation.

Aline Workflows provide an automated, digital contracting process that fixes the issues with manual processes. Workflows make contracting easier, quicker, more efficient, and less risky. 

Here’s how:

Smart routing: Allows all necessary stakeholders to approve the contract before it’s sent to the customer. 

Dynamic approvals: You can add dynamic approvals that are triggered based on the data in your contract and how it’s filled out. Your contracts and their workflows can make decisions on their own!

Signatures with ordering: By attaching signatures and setting signing order, you can ensure your contract is signed right every time.

Post signature workflows: Work on a contract doesn't stop at signature. With Aline workflows, you can ensure that anything requiring completion after signature is done correctly within the right time frame.

Automated smart routing

Digital contracts are routed by Aline’s software through your organization and ultimately to your customer. By utilizing Aline’s workflow builder, you can optimize your contract process by creating any arbitrary document routing. Aline Workflows then takes care of the rest by smartly routing your document to the correct parties. 

Smart routing also provides granular access control at the right time. Make sure stakeholders in your organization and your customers get these electronic contracts at the correct time and with the right access control. All stakeholders can view and approve contracts before the customer views it, creating a workflow that is optimized for closing a deal and ensuring legal compliance. Aline’s no-code template engine allows you to assign fields to stakeholders and define a routing order for proper contract completion.

Smart routing is visible in Aline Workflows. You will know who currently has control of a contract, what work needs to be done, and what is left to close the contract. With Workflows, online contract signing can be customized to what you need.

Dynamic approvals

Ensure your stakeholders get proper approval for a contract every time when working with Aline’s digital contracts. Dynamic approvals work with smart routing to make sure approvals are obtained at the correct time. Workflows cannot advance without the proper approvals. 

Dynamic approvals let you generate an approval if data in your digital contracting process reaches a certain threshold. This means, for example, if the sales price in your document is over a certain amount, Aline Workflows can dynamically generate an approval for a manager before contracts can progress. 

A strong audit trail of approvals is kept, providing your organization with protection against fraud and the ability to assess risk and adjust your processes accordingly. Aline Workflows securely keeps an audit trail of approvals, reducing the time you spend maintaining your audit trail. 

Signatures with Ordering 

Compliance with legal requirements is key to digital contracting. With manual contract processes, this tends to be difficult due to the specifications of who needs to sign a contract and each individual contract's signing order. Ultimately leading to noncompliance legally and a bottleneck in the contracting process. 

Aline Workflows makes it easy to stay compliant with any legal requirements. Include signature lines and signature ordering to ensure your contract is signed right every time. Use signature ordering to assign the signatories of your contract in advance and utilize carbon copy recipients to seamlessly guarantee that the right people see and sign your contracts. 

The ordering Aline Workflows gives you in online contract signing processes will help your organization stay legally compliant and eliminate any roadblocks that may be in the way.

Post-Signature Workflows 

Work on a contract doesn’t end with a signature. In fact, many tasks may have to take place after the signatures are collected. 

That’s why we built Aline Workflows with post-signature workflows in mind. Workflows let you set tasks and other actions to be completed post-signature. Now you can ensure that anything requiring completion after signature is done correctly within the right time frame. Add post-signature tasks to your workflow to ensure your stakeholders complete all necessary tasks after your contract is signed. 

By utilizing Aline Workflows, your electronic contracts will be actively reminding you to complete them, and ensure you know how to complete them correctly. 

The Future of Digital Contracting 

Broken manual contracting processes risk your company’s time, money, and customer satisfaction. Aline Workflows provides a quicker, easier, and lower-risk way of ensuring your contracts are signed the right way every time. 

Move beyond outdated and broken manual processes and enhance your organization's workflow with Aline Workflows.

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