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How Aline Protects Your Data

At Aline, we’re committed to safeguarding your most sensitive information. Learn how we do it inside.


Brent Farese


December 30, 2021


When you sign a legal contract, there’s a good chance that you’ve provided sensitive information about yourself or your business during the process. Trusting Aline with your legal contracts means trusting us with your data, a responsibility we take very seriously. 

Aline remains committed to safeguarding our clients’ data with a number of security measures, including state-of-the-art software and compliance with the highest standards in cybersecurity. Here are the various ways that Aline is designed to protect your data:

Product Features

Sometimes, contracts can require multiple signatures from separate parties. However, it’s important to ensure that each party only sees pertinent information. Aline’s platform is designed to share your contract with ease while making sure that no one gains improper access to your data or anyone else’s. 

Guest Access 

All guests who wish to access Aline documents are required to enter a unique, short-lived user code. Using authentication and least-privilege access, this ensures that external parties can access the document easily without seeing sensitive information and that external access is properly verified.

Document Access Control

Aline gives you full access over who sees which documents, files, or folders. Control access to documents at a granular level to ensure that sensitive information is not inappropriately disclosed to employees within your organization.  We know it’s crucial for contract owners to have granular control over access and editing permission, and Aline gives you just that. You can set editing privileges over files ensuring that recipients can only view, comment, suggest, or edit based on their editing permission. 

Workflow Auditing

Aline workflows are designed to put your contract on autopilot.  You can ensure contracts are approved according to your company’s process, and keep a secure audit trail of that process for each contract that is signed in Aline.  Having a strong audit trail over your legal contracts, which contain critical company data, adds to Aline’s security and auditability. 

Operational Features

While you’re busy signing contracts and running your business, Aline’s operational system is working tirelessly to transport, store, and organize your data with industry-leading technology. Here are some features that work behind the scenes to keep you and your partners safe: 

Data Encryption 

Aline protects data by encrypting both in transit (through Transport Layer Security or TLS) and at rest (through 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard, or AES-256). Furthermore, Aline stores all content in geographically dispersed, ISO 27001 certified and SSAE 16-audited, data centers throughout the United States. These data centers include state-of-the-art physical and environmental access controls and safety features.

Reliability and Backups 

Aline performs secure, encrypted backups of user and contract data every single day, so you can rest assured that you will never lose data due to a corrupted drive or any other malfunction. 

User Permission

Aline operates on least-privilege access, meaning that all users require a minimum level of clearance to access documents through Aline. Furthermore, we conduct regular checks to ensure that all users are only granted the necessary permissions to perform their job functions. 

Operational Security 

At Aline, we guard all of our information with multi-factor authentication. We also implement all employee hardware, such as laptops, with biometric security measures to ensure that your data cannot be compromised. 

Additionally, Aline complies with SOC II standards and implements all controls and evidence-gathering measures consistent with the SOC II standard.  Aline expects to be SOC II, Type I compliant shortly.


Aline trusts Auth0, an industry leader in user authentication, to store user information and authenticate all parties who attempt to access documents. Auth0 is ISO2700-compliant, meaning that it meets all the highest international standards for information security. 

Code Security 

Aline’s code security, powered by GitHub, includes a number of tools including vulnerability detection, analysis, and remediation. We also conduct quarterly reviews of code security and architecture to identify and rectify any additional vulnerabilities. 

Ease and Security at Every Step with Aline

From document security to data encryption to regular backups, we believe strongly in our responsibility to protect your data. Best of all, this data encryption helps us focus on creating the most intuitive and efficient digital contracting workflows that we can. 

Ready to get started? Reach out for a free consultation today! 

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