DraftING & Negotiation

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Stop recreating the wheel. Build reusable templates with Aline and put your contracts on autopilot.
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Build dynamic templates and negotiate contracts with ease using Aline Editor.

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No-code template engine
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Automatic data capture for tagged fields
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Negotiation visibility for your team using Aline Workflows
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Track changes and advanced editing

Drafting & Negotiation

Craft dynamic templates with Aline’s no-code template engine

Unlike other systems, building dynamic templates using Aline Editor requires no coding or advanced training. Use templates and avoid unnecessarily re-drafting the same contract again and again. Aline templates let you assign input fields to different team members, codify who is responsible for what in your contracts, and use smart routing to ensure your templates are completed correctly every time. And, all data associated with the template is automatically captured for advanced reporting and analysis.
Flexible role-based assignments allow assigning different areas of a contract to team members
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Use automatically-captured input field data in reports
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Easily search contracts in flight for maximum visibility
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Use Aline Workflows to build smart routing with strong audit trails
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Start creating dynamic, reusable templates with Aline

Assign input fields

Ensure your contract is completed correctly by creating a reusable template with the right assignments and input fields. Use flexible role-based assignments to assign areas of your contract to an Attorney, Sales Executive, or any other custom-defined role. Role-based assignments drastically increase the flexibility of Aline templates by letting anyone on your team assume the proper role a given contract.
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Automatically captured data feeds directly to Aline reports

Manual data entry is a thing of the past. With Aline templates, when tagged input fields are completed, the correct data feeds directly into Aline reports. Figure out at a glance what the effective date is for a given contract, the contract value, or any other crucial information. Using Aline reports, you can visualize any slice of information for your contracts and get valuable insights in minutes.
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Maximum visibility of contracts in flight

Let your team create contracts from Aline templates and route them automatically in your organization. All contracts in flight can be viewed by anyone with appropriate access in the Pending Contracts section of Aline. Find contracts using the search bar and easily view where that contract is in its lifecycle. Aline lets you accurately pinpoint roadblocks in the contracting process to increase the efficiency of your workflow.
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Use Aline Workflows to smartly route your templates

Aline Workflows work alongside your templates and provide guardrails for your contract as it progresses through your organization and to your customer. Set approvals for your team using tasks, define which team member or role needs to fill out areas of your template, and set signature routing order to ensure your contract is signed in the right order by the right people every time. Adding an Aline Workflow to your template puts your contracts on autopilot while ensuring everything is filled out and approved correctly.
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Drafting & Negotiation

Collaborate with your customers and team

Aline Editor makes it easy to collaborate effectively with your team and customers. Keep your team organized and on track by proposing and tracking changes and adding assignees and followers to contracts to keep your team up to date on the latest contract status. Aline Editor also lets you leave comments on your work, and assign tasks to team members so everyone is on track and can get deals done faster.
Integrate Aline with Microsoft Word
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Propose and track changes
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Add assignees and followers to templates so everyone is kept up to date
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Use tasks and comments to assign crucial work to specific team members
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Collaborate more effectively and efficiently with Aline

Integrate Aline with Microsoft Word

Integrate Aline with Microsoft Word to enhance collaboration with team members and customers. Seamlessly import and export Aline documents as Word files.
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Propose and track changes in negotiations

Aline Editor supports full track changes so it is seamless for team members or your customer to propose edits to a contract. In addition, using the Suggester access role, you can restrict recipients to submitting only track changes and ensure that all changes to a contract are captured as redlines.
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Add assignees and followers

Using role-based assignments, you can ensure contracts created from templates are assigned to the correct members of your team. Create and designate an Attorney role as the assignee of a template, and possibly add followers for Manager, Vice President, or other supervisors in your organization so everyone that has an interest in the contract is kept up to date. Important changes and status updates to contracts are immediately communicated to assignees and followers so everyone is kept abreast of the contract's lifecycle.
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Use tasks and comments to assign work to specific team members

Assign team members specific tasks and use comments to communicate clearly and eliminate roadblocks to closing a deal. Have a strong audit trail of comments and tasks vs. having work and collaboration buried in email.
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