Contract OS. For startups.

  • Download vetted templates for any business use case and save on attorney’s fees
  • Collaborate seamlessly with your team to negotiate and sign contracts using the only smart legal document powered by GPT4
  • Store all your agreements in a centralized, data-rich repository and always be “due diligence” ready
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Use vetted templates from a growing open-source community

Search and find templates for all your startup’s legal needs.  The Aline Community has templates for financing, employment, professional services, advisor relationships and more.  Avoid excessive legal fees and use vetted templates from Aline, Bonterms, Common Paper and others.
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Electronically sign any document in minutes using AlineSign

AlignSign enables you to sign PDF, Word, and Aline documents in minutes.  Don’t pay for a separate electronic signature tool. Instead use an advanced, legally compliant electronic signature solution built directly into Aline.
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Use Aline’s smart legal document to collaborate with your team and get deals done

Aline’s smart legal document lets you edit documents in realtime with your team, track changes, mention users in comments and do anything necessary to collaborate effectively and get your contract negotiated and signed quickly.  Break out of MS Word and email chaos and negotiate and sign contracts in no time.
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Automatically redline and understand your contracts faster with GPT4

Aline AI helps your team understand contracts faster, redline parts of your agreements to improve legal language, and draft new contracts from scratch so you can focus on the important things.
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Store all your legal documents in a dynamic repository

Are your critical legal agreements scattered about on local drives, Google Drive, DropBox, or another cloud storage solution?  Aline keeps all your business-critical legal documents stored in a searchable, data-rich repository so you can find any agreement in seconds.  Ensure your startup is due-diligence ready by keeping track of all your agreements in a single, dynamic repository.
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Use Cases


Run your startup's financing on Aline and get investment fast with quality legal agreements investors love.  Keep track of investment amount, valuation caps, discounts, interest rates, and more using Aline Reports.

Close deals faster

Aline workflows empower your sales reps to easily create contracts so you spend less time on repetitive admin work and more time creating scalable legal processes. Legal, sales, and deal-desk can collaborate on redlines, approvals, and blockers to close deals fast.
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Hire and onboard

You work hard to deliver a world-class candidate experience. With workflows, you can extend that experience to a crucial part of the hiring process, contracts.  Launch template workflows for new hires in minutes, and delight candidates with an easy and collaborative legal contract process.
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Scale legal processes

Aline AI and workflows let your legal team create self-service processes for other departments to use, unburdening legal from administrative tasks like legal requests and document generation.
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Aline loves startups

Qualifying startups get a 50 percent discount for the first 12 months. Aline supports startups and wants to ensure they get on the best legal footing at early as possible.

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